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Global Brightlight Foundation

A little bit of power makes a world of difference

Global Brightlight Foundation brings solar lighting & energy to off-grid communities in the developing world, dramatically changing lives for the better.

After an awesome & wild collaboration on a series of VR videos about their fieldwork in Guatemala, they asked us to step in and build them a hawt new website in time for their end-of-year fundraising campaign. Not content to produce a merely gorgeous website, we put our thinking caps on and came up with a set of design innovations to make the site truly unlike any other.

We’d tell you what we did, but that would spoil the surprise. Go on, give it a click and see for yourself!

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Data Society Solutions

A unique architecture for a truly unique team. We FL data science!

Data Society do some of the more brilliant things we’ve ever encountered, for some of the most important people in Washington, DC.

They asked us to help build them a unique digital home for their company, balancing their two unique angles on spreading the magic of data science: training, and direct consulting. We invented and coded a custom site architecture from the ground up that would allow visitors to experience these parallel approaches visually and intuitively. We also had a lot of fun making the whole thing slide around like something out of a science fiction movie.

Data science is cool like that.

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DC Central Kitchen

They fight hunger differently: the awesome way.

DC Central Kitchen is one of Washington’s most unbelievably amazing & effective non-profits, providing thousands of individuals with training in commercial culinary skills, while recycling food waste, improving the health of DC’s communities, and generally being great┬ápeople while they’re about it.

We had the enormous honor of rebuilding their site, which after a few years was in need of an update to reflect the incredible progress of cutting-edge nature of their work. We built out a new style guide and approach to visualizing their work, and then constructed a custom site architecture from the ground up to showcase all the good they do. Then we got to go to a party they threw and eat some of their amazing food.

Seriously, it was delicious.

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Golden Triangle Strategies

Applying the sharpest minds to marketing and communications in finance

Golden Triangle Strategies provides a critical and unique service to its clients, some of the largest financial organizations in the world: helping them communicate all the incredible (and complicated) things they’re doing in a way that everyone can understand.

Following through on their core philosophy of simple, clean aesthetics that highlight critical information, we designed a minimalist website around their communication goals. Every part of the architecture was deliberate and aimed at conveying the value of the services they offer to their clients. In the process, we learned a huge amount about effective communications ourselves, and have continued to put that knowledge to good use.

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Lightning Fruit is a wild digital ship sailing from the port of Washington, DC. Our crew of scallywags includes an odd number of former attorneys, universal nerd streaks two miles wide, and several ship’s dogs. We do our best not to be too serious about things (except keeping the internet pesticide-free, of course).

We believe in using our business to make the world a better place. Much of our work is with non-profits, progressives, political groups and social enterprises, trying to make this planet better for all of us. We figure the least we can do is make their websites look dope.

Yes, the slogan on the homepage randomly generates a new set of words each time.

Wanna talk? Drop us a line:

[email protected]