Array Technologies

A streamlined site update for an innovative solar power company.

Their Good in the World

Array has been pioneering new solutions for solar companies for over 30 years. Partnering with Gatesman Design Agency, we built out their no-frills design with sleek features like: X Y Z. (interactive maps, etc. : but we didnt build…)

As they are rapidly expanding from the US to South America, Europe, and beyond, Array brings us clean, renewable energy anywhere the sun shines. Hard to argue with that!

A Sunny Site for a Solar Company

Array prides themselves on providing “energy with integrity” and we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about their mission. As leaders in the solar industry, Array shines in all things sustainability and we wanted to build site elements that highlighted their bright work.

The Idea

We built Array a custom site with extremely user-friendly functionality to allow Array’s communications team to make updates to the site backend themselves – it’s super easy and they love the flexibility they have to make updates and add new pages to the site themselves.

The Awesome

We wanted to make sure Array has a site that demonstrates their products’ unique capabilities, and their impact on the global renewables market. That meant adding creative icons to highlight key metrics and an interactive map to show off their global reach.

The Site

The end result is a site that positions Array expertly for their customers and investors to get acquainted with the benefits that their innovative products bring to the renewable energy space and shows that they are ready to get down to business when it comes to making the world a brighter place.

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