A full rebrand after being acquired by MetLife

Their Good in the World

We love our furry friends and office dogs (just look at our Instagram), so working with petfirst was an easy YES! They make taking care of your pets worry-free with easy and affordable pet insurance. It’s straightforward and simple and the team at petfirst is top notch. 

Full Branding Overhaul

After being acquired by MetLife, it was important for petfirst to overhaul their entire site design to link up with their new parent company. As you may imagine, MetLife has some strict branding guidelines and we needed to make sure every inch of the website reflected the new brand. 

The Idea

We took the meticulous style guide from MetLife and applied it to every header, image, button, gradient, and link. 

The Design

With close attention to keeping the integrity of their original design and UX, we spent hours redesigning every bit of petfirst’s website. This resulted in a very comprehensive component and module guide.

The Site

In order to create the easiest transition, we followed as much of the original site structure as possible. The result of this was a quick overhaul, easy and ready for review! And with lots of stakeholders, it was important to give them as much time to review as possible in a relatively short project timeline. 

We Took Them From This to This

Original Site
Modified Site

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