WomenStrong Solutions

A gorgeously animated impact report for an equally dynamic organization

Their Good in the World

WomenStrong is a non-profit that works to advance the health, rights, opportunities and lives of women around the world. They fund projects from maternal healthcare to girls’ education to anti-domestic violence to microcapital initiatives, and have expanded their impact enormously over the last twenty years.

An Annual Report Like No Other

We partnered up with fellow do-gooder design agency Eighty2Degrees to create an annual report microsite for WomenStrong that would put the competition to shame. Ready to share their incredible knowledge and experience with the world, they asked us to pull out all the stops and create something truly inspiring.

The Idea

We worked hand-in-hand with Eighty2Degrees to ideate and refine the many animations across the site, and deployed some of the finest tools modern coding has to make it all happen. Particular attention went to the historical map, which animates WomenStrong’s incredible impact and growth since their founding.

The Awesome

There’s so much we love about this site, it’s hard to say what’s the most awesome. The layered image entries, complete with charcoal line-drawing effect? The gorgeous palette and design? The amazing map? The photo essay? You tell us!

The Site

We couldn’t be prouder of the end product, and of being a small part of sharing the incredible work that WomenStrong does. The site has been shared with their extensive network and community, and is already driving engagement and commitments for future projects.

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