National Skills Coalition Report

A deeply informative and stylish twenty-year history of the NSC

Their Good in the World

The National Skills Coalition has been advocating for the development of skills education policies that grow our workforce, make it more inclusive, and improve the opportunities available to all. They are crucial advocates for the working class and create new opportunities wherever they apply their efforts, and we’re proud to support them in doing that.

A Viginti-Annual Report (That’s… Kind of a Real Word)

The NSC’s annual report this year marked a major milestone for them–twenty years since their founding. It fell at a time when the nation was facing perhaps more challenges than any time in recent history, and workforce development and education was a pivotal part of solving many of those. This report site needed to not only chronicle their major accomplishments and numbers this year, but those of the last twenty years–and focus visitors mind’s on the path forwards.

The Idea

Working with our regular conspirators Eighty2Degrees, we wanted to build a site that was clean, engaging, and intelligent, just like the NSC. While we wanted to use some unique layouts and animations to engage the visitor, we also wanted to keep them seamless enough that the focus would stay on the content.

The Awesome

Eighty2Degrees really killed it with the design here, and we were able to implement a number of custom animations to really bring that design to life. The timeline is probably our favorite piece of the puzzle–a slick little piece of animation that pulls the user into NSC’s remarkable history.

The Site

We launched the site in late summer of 2020 and it’s been a huge success with NSC’s members and funders. We hope it’s content and visual engagement has propelled the narrative of the NSC into the national dialogue on how we build and educate our workforce in the future.

We Took Them From This to This

Original Site
Modified Site

Other Juicy Creations

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