ACLU 100

A microsite that’s hyper informative and beautiful.

Their Good in the World

In 2019, the ACLU went on tour to celebrate 100 years with a particular focus on immigrants’ rights, mass incarceration, and voting rights. And well, we think it goes without saying that the ACLU does lots of good in the world.

Simple, Beautiful Microsite

When brllnt (one of our favorite design partners!) came to us to help them build a microsite for the ACLU100 Experience, we jumped at the opportunity!

The Idea

A national tour meant they needed a way for people to easily find the nearest stop to them. We knew a map was essential but it needed to be elevated to meet the importance of the event. 

The Awesome

We worked closely with brllnt to ensure a design that would look good, function wonderfully, and work across any device. 

The Site

We built the entire site from scratch in record time but we’re most proud of the tour dates display. We custom coded a slider that used a map and city pins to control what tour stop information was displayed. Users could easily navigate and view information for every stop on the tour; still can! 

We Took Them From This to This

Original Site
Modified Site

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