Quest Analytics

Fully redesigned and ready to inform and impress.

Their Good in the World

Quest Analytics built the first (and best) national system for helping health care providers, insurance companies, systems and agencies solve the challenge of ensuring there’s sufficient coverage for everyone who needs it. They make sure everyone can find a doctor when they need it, and that’s awesome.

Full Website Overhaul

We partnered on this project with the awesome design team at Hyperbolous, and together dove deep into understanding just what makes Quest tick, and what their website can do to advance their goal of using technology to keep us all healthier. The site needed to draw in awesome tech talent, while also conveying the incredible (and unique) value of their toolset to the government agencies, regulators, insurers, and others who need it.

The Idea

The lightbulb moment was recognizing that Quest’s toolset was so unique, and so unprecedented, that the site ought to primarily focus on just helping visitors understand what their tool did, and why is was so powerful. The second piece was making sure we threw a few pieces in there to impress the talented tech folks Quest wants to hire… which got us rubbing our hands in anticipation.

The Awesome

We built a site that sings from top to bottom, linking dynamic background network animations with unique and engaging content layouts, while relying on a sleek flat design that feels truly 21st century. Integrated conversion tools like an email gate for accessing white papers ensures that the site turns curious visitors into folks Quest can actually talk to, and build their network even further.

The Site

The background network animation is the real treat here, but there’s a bunch of sleek custom animations on the Quest Enterprise Services page that you should check out as well. Don’t forget to hit the hiring page, where a custom API integration with Lever allows them to display and dynamically sort their openings, fully design-integrated with the site.

We Took Them From This to This

Original Site
Modified Site

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