StarCore Nuclear Power

A modern, sleek website for a company revolutionizing off-grid power

Their Good in the World

Cooled by gas, the size of a small cottage, using pebble-bed fuel, underground, and controlled by satellite, StarCore’s reactors are a whole different ballgame from the old-school cooling tower behemoths of the simpsons. StarCore has created an unprecedentedly safe off-grid reactor that can power entire remote communities, transitioning many away from diesel generators, cutting power costs and improving the effectiveness of connected renewable energy by up to 200%. 

Did we mention the reactors also provide clean water, heat greenhouses year-round, and share high-speed internet access with the community?

A New Kind of Website for a New Kind of Power

StarCore Nuclear has been advancing the bleeding edge of small modular reactor (SMR) technology for years, and hit a point where they needed to rebuild their digital home to show the world how far they’d come, and what they were capable of. We worked on an accelerated timeline to build and launch a site that showcased their technology-forward approach and inspired positive thinking about the future of remote power generation.

The Idea

We worked with the Elementor pagebuilder to accelerate the build and design process, and worked with StarCore to refine their brand fonts and color palette as part of the rebuild. The goal was to build a slick, modern, and impressive site in a fraction of the time a custom build might normally take.

The Awesome

The site features a clean, minimalist design coupled with engaging animations and massive colorful imagery that showcases the impact StarCore can have on the world. We particularly liked creating high-tech line imagery–adapting their plant designs or creating our own abstract shapes–to embody their approaches to technology, safety, and the community.

The Site

The final site represents a new future for off-grid power generation, and a chance to engage communities, government actors, and investors in making that future a reality. We’re honored to be part of StarCore’s solution to remote power, and to the urgent challenges of climate change.

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