Capabilities Statement

What the Fruit

Lightning Fruit is an end-to-end digital services & development agency in Washington, DC, with a mission to make the world a better place.

We work with companies and organizations that do good in the world, whether that’s improving access to jobs training after imprisonment; getting adults to go out, play sports, and make friends; or defending the rights of immigrants before Congress. We work on a wide array of web-based technologies, from CMS websites to custom apps, and are always eager to learn something new—the only thing we insist on is that whatever we build on the internet, it has to be awesome.

Our Jams

Our approach to projects starts with conceptualizing the awesome thing that we want to see at the end, proceeds through in-depth discovery & planning, audience analysis, and design, and culminates in a build that’s even better than what we imagined. That means our jams are:

  • Digital strategy (planning new features, adopting new tools, analyzing impact and recommending next steps)
  • Discovery
    • Audience analysis
    • User testing
    • UX
  • Design
    • Wires
    • Mockups
    • Custom imagery & illustrations
  • Build
    • CMS Builds (WordPress, Drupal, and others – but let’s be honest, WordPress is crushing this market, and for good reason)
    • Apps (VueJS, React, Angular, ASP.NET, and more)
    • Custom interfaces (data visualization through D3, web ads, etc.)
  • Maintenance
    • Upkeep of plugins, code frameworks, and hosting
    • Backups, and restoration of backups as needed
    • Improvements andadditions
  • Analysis
    • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
    • Integration of third-party tracking tools (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Our Humans

We have a team of six full-time wizards and another dozen or so specialists who we include on a project-by-project basis (mapping specialists, hand-drawn illustrators, ruby developers, and the like). We all have not just deep experience in our fields, but an abiding love of what we do and almost too much excitement about all the new things happening in it.

What’s so different?

You mean, besides the fact that there isn’t a single buzzword on this entire page?

Two things: goodness, and awesomeness. Let us explain.


Our team came together under a vision of using our powers to make the world better. We truly believe in that; it’s why we work together, and it guides us in every project we do, and the projects that we politely turn away. We work with those who make us happier, healthier, deeper, more thoughtful, fairer and kinder; we don’t work with those who push drugs, anger, division, or the profits of the few at the cost of the many (or the planet). And we think that has led us to be a happier team, and have way cooler clients, who we inevitably become friends with and invite over to play board games.


We aren’t content with just churning out the same-old-same-old, because that’s boring. We want to push to envelope, to play with all the crazy & creative things one can do out there on the internet. Every project we touch has some aspect of awesomeness to it, that gets us excited in the morning: something really cool, original, and unique that we designed and built to make this site new, fascinating, and a step forward in what the internet is capable of.

Whether that’s a custom animation that triggers when the user opens a form, or a geo-location function that identifies your local precinct so you can help improve community-police relations (and reduce police violence), or a form that smart-updates itself as you work through it to help get the right information to the right people, we always bring the awesome to our work. And we think it shows.

Wanna Talk?

Drop us a line: [email protected]