Mars on Gravity

An out-of-this-world website for a company that creates experiences like no other.

Their Good in the World

Mars on Gravity builds some of the coolest, craziest experiences on earth for massive clients like the ACLU, National Geographic, and WeWork. We built them a website chock full of the adventure & fun that fills every part of their work.

Full Website Redesign

Mars (we can call them that because we’re tight) had an outdated site that didn’t convey who they’d become and the incredible work they’d created in recent years. They asked us to start from zero, completely reworking their digital identity in a way that would make them look totally unlike anything else out there—including anyone else in the incredibly creative experience design space they inhabit.

The Idea

We went back to the origin, and dug deep with the Mars team: what really made them who they were? Where did they come from, and how did they get here? What emerged was a story about a journey, an unexpected adventure like no other—so we started from there.

The Awesome

The ideas kept coming, like shooting stars during the Perseid shower. An astronaut on a journey across the universe; experiences seen in the visor of their helmet; whole worlds of ideas; and dynamic, custom art that made the whole thing come alive.

The Site

You gotta see the shooting stars! Or the spaceman’s perspective reflecting in his helmet. Or the way the moons of each planet orbit into view. Just go check it out, you won’t regret it.

We Took Them From This to This

Original Site
Modified Site

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